Cyber & Privacy Liability Insurance

Cyber & Privacy Liability Insurance

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance is one of your best forms of defence.

Technology has never been so deeply entwined in our businesses. While it delivers significant efficiencies and convenience, it also comes with significant cyber risks. Many business owners don’t fully understand how their business could be attacked.

The reality is anybody who collects data or uses a computer with the internet is at risk. Something as simple as an employee clicking on the wrong link, sending an email to the wrong person or using a corrupted website could leave your entire system exposed. Cyber Insurance is one of your best forms of defence.

To fully protect yourself and your business, the first steps are to focus on risk management and awareness within your organisation. Simple things such as developing a strong password policy, conducting regular training about cybersecurity, updating IT equipment and security software and creating an incident response plan are essential.

What It Covers

What’s included in your Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance

Incident response costs

Business income loss

Data restoration

Breach response costs

Notification costs

Legal defence costs

Cyber extortion

Regulatory fines and penalties

Payment Card Industry (PCI) fines, penalties and assessments

Cyber reputational harm

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