Home Insurance

Home Insurance

What is Home Insurance?

For most people, the family home is the largest asset they’ll ever own

This means it is essential to protect it, inside and out, with the right insurance cover. After all, no one wants to discover they’re inadequately insured when it’s too late.

What It Covers & What To Consider

What’s included in your Home Insurance

Home Insurance covers you against any building or contents damage in the event of theft or insured incident.

There are many considerations to be made for your Home Insurance

What level of cover is being provided? Is it a basic defined events cover, or a broad accidental damage cover?

What is the occupancy of the premises?

How do you determine an adequate sum insured?

Does the policy wording cover your contents even if you take them out of your home?

Is your jewellery covered, and to what extent? Is it sub-limited? Is it covered away from your home?

Does the policy cover your contents if you take them out of your home?

Does the policy cover any of your antiques or collections (e.g. stamps, coins, memorabilia, collections, etc.) and to what extent?

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